“We’re a Couple of Dick Bags, and These Are Our Jokes!”

Welcome to our corner of the internet.

The Dick Bags are longtime friends who started playing Dungeons and Dragons to keep in touch as we spread across the U.S.A. (like the nerdy virus we are.). Now spanning three time zones!

If forced to choose between coffee or beer, we choose both.

We are all old enough to have watched Star Wars before the prequels came out, but young enough not to have seen the originals in theaters. That was the most accurate description we could think of.

We have been playing Dungeons and Dragons together since 2014. Playing online can be done, and not only that, it’s been a kick-ass way to keep in touch!

Thank you for visiting and thank you for listening!

For those of you interested in starting your own campaigns and becoming your own terrifying, mutated versions of Dick Bags:

We use the Roll20 virtual tabletop app, DnD Beyond (with the Beyond20 browser extension), and Discord to play DnD online. Through Roll20 we can design maps, roll dice, and whisper to each other in sneaky sneaky ways.

Our latest campaigns are recorded via OBS Studio and edited using Movavi Video Editor Plus. Intro & Outro videos are compiled from various video game footage and Blender models/animations.