Tyrric Korjor IV

Home Planet: Rendili

Tyrric grew up in the shadow of the empire his whole life. His parents, Tyrric III and Miriam, both worked in the shipyards. The Korjors were never poor, but there were no opportunities to leave Rendili and explore the galaxy. Rendili offered trade schools to residents to train to work in the shipyards when they grow up. Tyrric spent years at each of the schools, making sure to leave just shy of graduation and job placement. Tyrric spent his free time exploring abandoned military installations with his friends Dav Jen and Che-La. Most of the tech was abandoned so Tyrric used his skills repairing abandoned vehicles and racing his friends around the city limits.

Eventually his friends accepted positions at the shipyard, but Tyrric wanted to see the stars in a ship instead of building one. With no other opportunities, Tyrric signed up to the Imperial Military Academy on Carida. It took 3 years for his application to be accepted, in which time he began work in the military division of the shipyard building the turbolaser cannons targeting and firing mechanism on the Star Destroyers hoping to impress the entrance board. When his application was accepted, Tyrric spent 4 years learning battle tactics as well as combat training, but was tired of staring at the back of another troopers helmet. When he learned that his battalion was moving up to Sullust, Tyrric realized that he already had enough fun being a stormtrooper and it was time to move on.

Having studied the transport ships back in trade school, Tyrric was able to locate the auxiliary escape pod, disable the alarm, and launch in the direction of Rendili. Luckily, Tyrrics departure was not detected until the arrival at Sullust. Unluckily, the escape pod slingshot around Rendili and instead landed on Castellan Prime. On his own, Tyrric hid his stormtrooper suit and blaster rifle in a junkyard on the outskirts of (Korvus) under some spent Power Converters (Because who is ever looking for those?). Tyrric made it into town and started collecting supplies about the same time as his transport ship arrived in Sullust and reported him missing. A local battalion spotted an outsider (“its because I’m black, isn’t it?”) and brought him in for questioning.

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