Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 11 – Tactical Upgrades

TL;DW / Recap

After completing their investigation of the Vanthamper estate, the Dickbags prepare to rest for the day at a nearby tavern. Liam takes a moment for himself and steps outside the room. He removes his handwraps, revealing a tattoo on his left forearm depicting a raven carrying a human heart. He passively speaks to the tattoo raven asking why he’s being kept alive and if it has something to do with someone/something named Fang or the devils they’ve been encountering. Fearing his luck may be running out, he asks if there’s anything else that can be done to help him out. After a few minutes, he notices a raven at the nearby window. When he approaches the raven he hears a voice tell him that he’s not dead because it is not yet his time. They go on to say that power can be granted, but at a price. The heart on his tattoo begins to bleed. Knowing the price, Liam accepts the boon (whatever it may be).

After finishing their long rest, the Dickbags decide to head straight for the Flaming Fist outpost to turn Thurstwell Vanthamper over to Captain Zodge. When they arrive at the outpost, they learn that Captain Zodge is investigating something in Upper City near the Vanthamper estate. After explaining that they have one of the Vanthampers with them for questioning in relation to what Captain Zodge is investigating, the guards send out a runner to retrieve the Captain. When he arrives the group relays their findings of the Vanthamper’s involvment with Thavius Krieg and the devils. They display the head of the devil jailor, the etchings from the obsidian shrine, and Thurstwell admits to his mother’s involvment with the devils.

Before they can discuss their payment, a woman barges through the door demanding to find Captain Zodge. She identifies herself as Liara Porter, Commander of the Flaming Fist, and that she’s here to take command. She pays the Dickbags for their service and they inform her that they plan to head to Candle Keep to pursue a lead regarding a puzzle box that may link Thavius Krieg to this whole devil conspiracy. Encouraging their efforts, Liara provides them with a letter that will allow them to safely exit Baldur’s Gate.

The Dickbags leave and decide to restock some supplies before they depart from the City. Elder Storm, Falastar, Liam, and Toph decide to head to upper city in search of diamonds and gear, while Ser Nedir tracks down a temple of Bahamut where he hopes to find more information about his possessed shield.

As the group heads to upper city, they manage to pass through the guard station with a little bribery (and a lot of awkwardness!). In upper city, they manage to come across three shops that sell magical items. “Baubles & Bits” owned by a strange gnome by the name of Olivia, “Venthir’s Vainglorious Vestments” owned by an elven man, and “Wondrous Procurements” owned by a dwarven man named Helmut.
The group peruses the items in each shop before deciding to purchase anything.

Meanwhile, Ser Nedir is unable to find a Temple of Bahamut, but manages to find a temple of Helm. He speaks with an elder priest who examines the shield. The Priest is unable to determine the shield’s origin/alignment. They discuss possibly dispeling the magic on the shield, which would release whatever being is trapped inside. Feeling that he wasn’t strong enough to control the powerful being, Ser Nedir votes against it for the safety everyone around. Nedir thanks the Priest for his help and proceeds to wait for the group near the East Gate.

Back with the group, the Dickbags decide to purchase some items from Wonderous Procurements. They trade in the Pipes of the Sewers (which nobody can use) and Elder Storm trades in his Javelin of Lightning with an extra 100g in order to acquire the Staff of Thunder & Lightning, Bracers of Defense, and the Goggles of Night. At Baubles & Bits, the group purchases the Insignia of Claws, Necklace of Prayer Beads, a Spell Gem (Bloodstone), 4 potions of healing, and 300g worth of diamonds. Lastly, they go to Venthir’s Vainglorious Vestments and purchase the Elven Chain for Toph.

Having completed their shopping, the group heads back to lower city and meets up with Ser Nedir at the East Gate to discuss the next stage of their journey.