Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 16 – Grave Awakening

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Having discovered the entrance into the basement of High Hall, the Dickbags decide it would be best to rest before continuing onward. Elder Storm replaces the panel on the altar and the group heads back upstairs to the organ. They make camp in the tower that Trevik was hiding. Elder Storm magically creates some food and water for everyone. As they begin eating they notice that the food tastes very ashy and the water tastes of bile. Trevik informs them that this happened to all of the food when they arrived in Avernus. The food still provides sustainance, but tastes aweful. Liam takes a sip from his flask and notices that even the scotch has this bile taste to it. They power through the meal as best they can and get some rest. Ser Nedir begins hearing faint whispers in his head of an unknown language, but manages to ignore it enough to get some rest.

In the morning, Ser Nedir and Elder Storm perform ceremonies to bless a couple vials of holy water. They head downstairs and Ser Nedir heads back to the shrine that cursed him. He takes the vials of holy water and says a prayer to Torm and pours the holy water on the shrine. He continues this ritual, emptying a couple more vials of holy water, and is eventually able to not only purify the shrine but also end his afflicted curse. The Dickbags make their way back to the altar and head down. Liam quietly scouts ahead while the rest of the party hang back, only advancing when Liam motions that it’s safe to due so. Liam finds a large room with a table that sits about 40 people. There he sees 3 figures that have been eviscerated. He quickly checks the area for anything of use and moves on. Further down the hallway he notices approximately 100 people huddling and doing their best to hide. Hearing his approach, a voice calls out to him, asking him to reveal himself.

Liam notices a human woman, dressed in robes and trying her best to not look/sound scared. Liam steps out with his hands out in front to show her that he means no harm. Relieved that he’s not a fiend, the woman introduces herself as Pherra Jynks, the last of the Clergy. Upon learning that the Dickbags are looking for Uldar Ravenguard, she informs them that he left to head to the Great Cemetary on the west side of the city. He was looking for some ancient relic as well as dealing with the undead uprising going on there. During their discussion, Liam inquires about a couple of large fountains in the room. Pherra reveals that the fountains are filled with holy water and have been keeping congregation alive/hydrated. The Dickbags request to fill their vials/waterskins with the holy water and are allowed to do so. During this time, Elder Storm eyes a book that Pherra is clutching titled “Tome of the Creed Resolute”. Storm inquires about the book and learns that it is the sacred text that all citizens of Elturel are to swear by as soon as they are old enough to read. Upon swearing the oath, the person’s name magically appears in the book’s text. Liam and Elder Storm try to hint that the Creed may not be the “blessing” she believes it to be, but she is reluctant to accept the thought. Before leaving, Elder Storm provides the remaining food from their bounty the night before and creates more food and water (refilling the fountain they nearly emptied) for everyone there.

They make their way back to the entrance, stopping by to investigate a shrine to an unknown warrior. Not finding anything useful, the Dickbags head back to the surface/High Hall entrance. After discovering the courtyard is now clear, Trevik decides to remain and protect the citizens hiding in the basement. They part ways and the Dickbags make their way to the cemetary. As they get closer to the cemetary they notice several undead, standing around in various places, not moving nor showing interest in them. As they enter the cemetary, they make their way to the mausoleum located in it’s center. As they approach, they notice 3 minotaur skeletons holding massively large greataxes guarding the outside. Using the element of surprise, Toph launches a ball of earth and smashes it into all three minotaurs. Liam also tries to launch an eldritch blast at one of them and nearly hits Toph with both blasts (two Natural 1’s!). A battle ensues and the Dickbags are able to make short work of the undead minotaurs.

They approach the mausoleum for a closer look. Liam notices four more minotaur skeletons shuffling around inside. Meanwhile, Elder Storm takes notice of the pillars outside that are carved to resemble various heroes of Elturel, one of which is Agnathar. There is a faint purple glow about the pillars, but the group is unable to discern what it is. As Liam approaches the main doors, nearly a dozen wisps and shades apparate out from the pillars. Ser Nedir tries to control the situation by having the shield cast a wall of fire through most of the spectres/shades. Despite the success of this, the Dickbags soon found themselves flanked. As the shades attack Toph, Nedir, and Elder Storm they each find their strength draining from them. The battle continues, but the Dickbags find themselves victorious in the end.

Tired, weakened, and drained of many of their spells; the Dickbags must decide what they do next…