Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 34 – Holy Hell

Due to a player’s lack of knowledge around certain game mechanics (specifically the ability to cast lower level spells using a higher spell slot), a group decision was made to retcon the last two rounds of combat with the sibriex. As a result Elder Storm was not turned into an abyssal wretch, but rather cleansed of his poison at four points of exhaustion.

Having narrowly escaped their battle with the sibriex, the Dickbags regroup at their tormentor vehicle. Liam and Ser Nedir discuss what they should do with the now feeble minded Toph and Elder Storm. With so few powerful allies in Avernus, they decide to inquire with Red Ruth or Mohadi at the Wondering Emporium. As they travel, the Dickbags experience their first spatial warping and quickly realize getting to either destination may be more difficult than they thought…