Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 05 – A Storm’s Tale

TL;DW / Recap

Having saved Mortlock Vanthamper and uncovered the purpose behind the Cult of the Dead 3, the group continues their pursuit of the remaining cultist (the Death Head of Bhaal). They find the Death Head in the adjacent room with along with 3 status depicting Myrkul, Bane, and Bhaal. The group manages to flank him and a battle ensues. The Death Head soon finds himself in need of an exit. He attacks Liam twice with his dagger, causing Liam to fall to the floor unconscious once again. As the Death Head begins to flee, Elder Storm seizes the opportunity and delivers the killing blow.

With the cult now eradicated (mostly), Elder Storm performs a prayer of healing bringing Liam back to consciousness and providing some aid to Mortlock. They inspect a couple of the nearby statues. As Ser Nedir approaches the statue of Bane, he quickly finds himself kneeling in front of it. Perplexed, the group asks what he’s doing and he tells them that something is forcing him to kneel. He eventually overcomes the aura and backs away from the statue.

Now cautious of the statues, Toph uses mage hand to grab the out-of-place harlequin mask from the statue of Bhaal. Nothing happens when the mask is removed so Toph puts it back. Liam decides to grab the mask and feels the same urge to kneel for Bane’s statue, but manages to shrug it off.

After searching the nearby storage room, the group begins making their way back to the surface. Mortlock points out what was behind the various doors the group passed on their way down (mostly traps). When they get back to the stairway leading to the bath house, Mortlock indicates that he will be leaving Baldur’s Gate for good. He advises the group that if they wish to get the attention of Duke Thalamra Vanthamper, their best bet would be to get some “leverage” by capturing his brother Amrik who could be found at the Low Latern.

They make their way back into the bath house, where Mortlock proceeds to tell one of the masseuses that the party is now in charge as he makes his way out of the establishment. Taken off guard by this news, the masseuse indicates that she’ll send a runner to consult with Duke Vanthamper. Toph gives the masseuse a gold piece in exchange for her discretion. The party quickly leaves and heads back to the Elf Song Tavern.

In celebration of their recent victory, the group orders drinks for the other patrons and get 3 rooms for the night (a grand, a medium, and a small room). Allan (the tavern owner) warns them not to step on the carpet in the medium sized room due to it being enchanted.

Elder Storm begins regaling everyone of their recent adventure at the bath house. Nedir, Liam, and Toph sit back and listen as Storm twists and stretches the events of their adventure into a truly epic tale where he alone saves the day at every turn. The patrons cheer as the story unfolds. Storm pauses as the Elf Song begins to sing, this time singing her usual story of a lover lost. After the Elf Song concludes, Elder resumes his enchanting tale.

The party goes up to the grand room and divides up their loot. Everyone then disperses to their respective areas (Ser Nedir in the grand room, Toph is given the medium-sized room where she barely manages to avoid stepping on the rug, Liam takes the small room, and Elder passes out at a table downstairs). They all take a well deserved night’s rest. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?