Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 06 – Full Aweful Trades

TL;DW / Recap

After regaining their strength from their adventure in the cultists lair, the Dickbags prepare for what lies ahead. They have a light breakfast at the Elf Song (basically just breads and cheeses) and Toph has Allan make her a bloody mary, which ends up being high proof wine with fresh squeezed tomatoes and a lot of pepper. They inquire with Allan about the Low Lantern. He indicates that Laraelra is the propietor and it handles its share of shady business.

The group heads out to Master Thunderstone’s Saving & Deposit (a local bank). They inquire about exchanging some coin and discover there is a 5% convenience fee (or 2% if they have an account with at least 100gp). Elder Storm hands over 10 platinum and opens an account. The rest of the group proceeds to exchange their coin by piggybacking off of Storm’s new account.

The Dickbags then head to see Captain Zodge. They inform him that the cultist lair has been cleared out and all but one cultist eliminated. They also indicate that the Vanthampers were being the cult’s activities. Zodge asks for any proof in these accusations, but the group only has the lead of finding Amarik Vanthamper at the Low Lantern tavern. Zodge tells the group that they are officially conscripted and asks that they continue pursuing this lead. If they can find proof that Duke Vanthamper was indeed involved, he will award them some magical items that they have confiscated. Given the choice of continuing their mission or being thrown in jail, the Dickbags have little choice but to agree to the mission.

Before heading the to Low Lantern, they decide to visit the Trade District. Ser Nedir finds an alchemist (Terry Sprigleaf) who is able to identify a couple of vials that they found in the lair as potions of fire breath. Elder Storm purchases two healing potions and Liam/Toph barter to procur an Alchemy Jug. Liam then heads out to find a nearby Blacksmith (Glen Sootfoot) and commissions him to craft some new shurikens. Ser Nedir trades in his chainmail armor and some gem stones to get some heartier splint mail armor.

Continuing their journey through the trade district, the Dickbags stop by the “Full Aweful” for some falafels, which are actually pretty good. Elder Storm runs back to the blacksmith a purchases a copper cup so that he may utilize Liam’s endless supply of alcohol. The group then heads to the Low Lantern, a tri-masted merchant ship. It is in clear need of repair and no longer sea worthy so it has been permanently docked with large chains.

What awaits the Dickbags in this shady tavern? How will they prove the Vanthampers are involved in this crazy conspiracy with the Cultist of the Dead 3?