Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 08 – The Hidden Lord

TL;DW / Recap

The Dickbags continue their search through the Vanthamper estate with their host(age) Amrik. After leading the group to the vault, Amrik uses a combination to open the door. Inside they find a number of tables with coffers on top, and an elderly man who identifies himself as Thavius Krieg, the Leader of Elturel. The group also notice’s that Thavius’ shadow does not match his form, but rather that of a pudgy fiend with small wings. Ser Nedir uses his divine sense and determines that there is a fiendish presence, but it’s not coming from Thavius. The presence is actually coming from a shield on the back wall. Upon closer inspection, Ser Nedir sees that there is a slight celestial nature to the shield in addition to the fiendish aura.

Ser Nedir touches the shield and immediately begins to hear a voice in his head. After a brief mental discussion, Nedir informs the group that the shield is possessed by an entity that refers to itself as the “Hidden Lord”. When asked about the shield and his shadow, Thavius acknowledges that he sensed the fiendish presence, but had not communicated with the shield. He also noticed that his shadow changed as soon as he was brought to the estate by the Vanthamper guards.

Meanwhile, Liam hears a group of guards approching and quickly gets everyone into the vault before shutting the door. The wait quietly inside for the patrol to pass by, but they seem to stop outside the door. A moment later the vault door opens revealing two cultists, two fanatics, and two ravens that look very similar to those the Dickbags saw at the Low Lantern. As the ravens fly into the room, they drop their disguise revealing their true Imp form. Amrik knows these to be from his brother Thurstwell and proceeds to hide in the corner.

Ser Nedir grabs the shield from the wall and proceeds to use it to block the attacks of the cultists and fanatics. A battle ensues. Elder Storm takes out an Imp and Cultist with his javalin of lightning, while Ser Nedir finds that the new shield allows him to cast wall of fire, taking out the fanatic at the vault entrance. The group makes short work of the remaining cultists.

Thavius states that he would like to get out of there, but the Dickbags first need to find some physical evidence that ties Duke Vanthamper to the cult of the dead 3. Before leaving the vault, Liam takes a peek in each of the coffers. He finds a large quantity of electrum, gold, and platinum as well as a tattoo needle and broken dagger. Elder Storm takes the needle, Liam grabs a bit of platinum, and Toph grabs the two dagger pieces (useing mending to repair them). Reya and Thavius decide to stay in the vault and hide while the group continues their investigation. Thavius also tells them that he overheard the cultists taking about a shrine that was somewhere in the basement. If they could find the location of this shrine and relay it to Captain Zodge, then the Flaming Fist could return and verify. A cultist shrine in their own establishment may be the proof they need.

Unsure where to go, the Dickbags lock Reya and Thavius in the vault (to keep them safe) and continue wandering the halls. They eventually make their way to the prison, where they find a jailor that has a tentacle-like beard. The group swoops in to attack. For a moment, the group is not focused on Amrik and he takes the opportunity to flee down the hall and around the corner. Liam takes off after him while the rest of the group finishes off the jailor.

Will Liam catch up to Amrik before he escapes? If not, how will they get Reya and Thavius out of the vault? Things are quickly spiraling out of control….