Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Episode 07 – Cloak & Dagger, Dagger, Dagger

TL;DW / Recap

Having completed their day of shopping and getting food at the Full Aweful, the Dickbags get ready for the next phase of their journey. They approach the Low Lantern, a merchant ship that is no longer sea worthy and has been permanently docked with large chains. As they step onto the deck of the ship, they find a number of dead seagulls. Ser Nedir takes a closer look and finds they were all stung multiple times by some unknown source.

They proceed to the lower deck and find the tavern. Several patrons are spread throughout and engaged in various drinking and gambling. Elder Storm approaches the bar and sees a kenku (Gary) bartending. As he proceeds to order some ale, the kenku begins repeating back what Elder is saying. Ser Nedir moves out amongst the patrons to see what he can observe while Liam and Toph approach Laraelra, the ship’s captain. Toph explains that they are looking for work and heard they could find something here that may or may not be “legal”. The Captain acknowledges their offer, but indicates that she runs her business “above board”. What her patrons do, however, is not of her concern. She further explains that they are welcome to partake in any drinking/gambling that occurs and can see a gentleman further below deck if they are in need of some coin.

The Dickbags regroup and head down another level, where they find another bar with yet another kenku bartending (also named Gary). They find Amrik near the aft, sitting at a table. They all approach and indicate that they’ve recently spoken with his brother, Mortlock. Taken aback by the group and their involvement with his brother, Amrik throws a smoke bomb and proceeds to run away. The Dickbags pursue. Ser Nedir is able to cast Champion Challenge, preventing Amrik from willingly moving too far from Nedir. Liam gets ahead of Amrik to block his path and ends up taking the brunt of Amrik’s attacks (dagger, dagger, dagger). Nedir then has to square off with a guard and accidentally smashes his sword into the floor, causing the wood to break. Nedir and the guard both fall through to the deck below. Nedir just manages to stay within range of Amrik to maintain his tether. Elder Storm and Liam continue their pursuit of Amrik. Through a surprising display of acrobatics, Liam is able to get ahead of Amrik on the stairs and block his escape. Unable to run, Amrik proceeds to give up.

They all return to the table to proceed their discussion of the Vanthamper family and its ties with the Cult of the Dead 3. While Amrik denies any such involvement, Elder Storm is able to intimidate him enough to at least cooperate with them. He offers to escort the group to his family’s villa, providing them safe passage into upper city in the process. He agrees to help them get by without being noticed so that they can look around and do any investigation they need. Amrik also points out that his mother, Thalamra Vanthamper, has recently had a guest that she doesn’t want anyone to know about. The group decide that this “guest” may be just the leverage they need to prove the Vanthamper’s involvement with the cult.

The Dickbags proceed to leave the Low Lantern with Amrik, when they encounter a cloaked figure on the main deck. She identifies herself as Reya Mantlemorne, a Hell Rider from Elturel. She explains that she witnessed the light of the companion turn black. It was then that the city of Elturel started to crumble and disappear. All that is left now is a crater. She came to Baldur’s Gate because she heard rumors that their leader, High Overseer Thavius Krieg, was escorted here by Vanthamper guards. Reya asks if she can join the group as they search the villa in hopes of finding their leader. They agree.

As they make their way to the villa, they pass through a number of guards at the gates to the upper city. Amrik informs the guards that the party is with him and they are allowed to pass without question. When they get to the villa they find three sets of guards patrolling the parimeter. Per Amrik’s recommendation, they find a section on the north-east side that they can climb over the wall and hide behind some bushes unseen. They quickly make their way into house by way of the kitchen, managing to avoid the patrolling guards. Amrik leads them to the basement and through a series of tunnels. He points them to the room where the “guest” was likely staying. The group searches the room and while it does appear to have been occupied, there is nobody present. Liam picks the lock on a nearby chest and finds a symbol of Thorm, something Reya confirms the High Overseer may have had. They backtrack and check the nearby kitchen/dining hall only to find them empty as well.

Amrik informs the Dickbags that the basement tunnels are also patrolled by guards so it would be in their best interests to either stay in the guest room (waiting for the guest to return, hopefully alone) or make their way to the family vault, which guards are not allowed to enter. Though reluctent about Amrik’s sudden enthusiasm about their family vault, the group decides it is best not to hang around for too long. They make their way through some more tunnels until they reach the vault door. Amrik enters the combination causing the door to slide open. Inside they see several coffers as well as an old man holding a candle. As they look past the old man they notice that his shadow does not resemble an old man, but rather that of a horned fiend.

Did Amrik just lure the Dickbags into a trap or is there something to be learned from this mysteries creature?